Dynamic Dogs Chicago has the best experience in the industry

How is Dynamic Dogs different?

My name is Jennifer Hack, and I’m a dog expert. As a canine behaviorist and certified professional trainer, I specialize in customized, results-based training. I’m well-rounded in various methods and training venues, from the family pet to performance animals, as well as working with challenging behavior cases. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach–I customized training based on your dogs unique personality, your lifestyle, and your goals. I can give you insight into your dogs behavior and state of mind, and I know what works most successfully to change it. You will have peace of mind and see progress with your dog.

Puppy Training
Start your puppy off right with either private lessons, daycare training, or board and train.

Boarding School for Dogs aka Bootcamp
Your dog lives in the trainers home, not a crowded boarding kennel. We offer several all-inclusive board and train bootcamps to choose from. We do the intensive work that many people do not have the time to do consistently enough, then we transfer training to you. We have limited spots for resident dogs so they get full attention.

Evaluations, Private Lessons, and In-home Lessons
Lessons and consults by appointment. Our trainer has been called a “magic worker.” Work on what’s important to you, and make faster progress than a group class.

Talent Animals & Animal Actors
We train and provide as on-set animal wrangling for film, print, commercials, and more. Our dogs have appeared in feature films, national commercials, and live performances.

Expert Grooming
Grooming services by appointment, including show cuts, custom styles, and de-shedding and nails.

We do not discriminate based on breed (Sorry, no cats!)