Belgian Malinois

MALINOIS De la Ville des Vents

 “H” litter puppies were born July 23, 2012:  Deux Gemeaux Du Champ des Legendes FRI X Loki Loups de Soleil MR3  LITTER PEDIGREE

Our first breeding! Two dogs with fantastic combined traits. Great potential. Preference towards competitive and working homes.

Our Dogs

Addi vom BMT, SchH3Pedigree Addi is out of Perle de Tourbiere lines, Rex and Orca, achieved his Schutzhund 3, was my beloved boy and my protector.  RIP October 1999-Febuary 2012.  He is very much missed.

Gemeaux Du Champ des Legendes “Gemini” FRI (OFA: hips excellent, elbows normal, cardiac normal):   Pedigree Gemini is a 66 lb working bitch. She has an outstanding stable temperament, trainable, sporty, and is a trainer’s demo dog.  She has all the ball/toy drive you could want, she will do anything for the ball and will never give up.  Social and behaved around puppies, children, and other animals like cats, and also earning work as a talent animal for print and film, she has done work in SchH but trains primarily for French Ringsport, competing at a ring II currently.  She’s a sable color with full black mask, excellent coat quality, nice head and ear set, and a physically strong and balanced structure.

D’Libra Du Champ des Legendes (OFA: hips good):  Pedigree Libra is 49 lbs, sharp, clever, drivey with genetically deep calm grips. Very fast entries.  She works in ring sport.  She is a half-sister to Gemeaux.  She is a great working bitch with a fantastic pedigree.

Vera:  Her sire is a K-9 in Palos, IL police dept. she’s out of German lines.  Vera is a prey monster, clever, very athletic and agile, with great hunt drive.  She is intense in everything she does, and has wonderful work ethic.  She participates in obedience, scent work, and sport bitework.

If you are interested in a Malinois, or want to know more about this working breed, please contact us.  We may be able to refer you to reputable breeders and Belgian Malinois kennel or breeders.  We are active with the breed club’s rescue and sometimes have a foster available for adoption- If you are interested in fostering or adopting a Malinois, please visit ABMC


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Gemeaux X Loki puppy



Little Libra