We want dogs to be a welcome part of society. Our goal is to educate the future generation on dogs, and how wonderful they really are. Last weekend, a childrens group came to our Chicago canine training facility to learn about dog training. Some of the children had previously been afraid of dogs. Their topic in school was dogs and how they are trained, so they had a lot of questions. My Dalmatian Rockwell helps me show children how fun, smart, and useful dogs really are!

Some topics we address in demos for children:

  • How to approach a dog to greet it, dog safety
  • Reading dog body language
  • How we train dogs to do the right thing and have manners to live in our families
  • Dogs are USEFUL
    • Rockwell does directed retrieves to specific objects on the floor. He brings me a bottle of water, his food bowl, and a phone
    • Dogs can do many jobs, in addition to being awesome family companions
  • Dogs have FEELINGS
    • Just like you, dogs can be happy, scared, etc. and you should respect their feelings
  • Dogs have NEEDS
    • Dogs require daily care and training, and are fun but also a responsibility
  • Last, but not least… Dogs are FUN