It’s one of the most fun parts of the job– bringing a dog to perform for children. Jennifer has been invited to several schools and children’s daycares to talk about dog training. Her Dalmatian “Rockwell” has a great time showing off his obedience and tricks, and his favorite part is getting petted by the children at the end.

The message for children: Dogs are fun! They are useful, smart, and should be respected and understood. When we talk about “dog safety” and “bite prevention” the aim is never to scare children. We talk about how to approach a dog, how to always ask the owner first, what to do if a strange dog approaches you, and about dog body language and what it means. Tip: Dogs do not hug. Don’t hug a dog unless it is your dog and you’re sure they are comfortable with it. Face-to-face can be intimidating in dog language. We also answer many dog-related questions from children, teachers, and parents.