Finding a REPUTABLE BREEDER is not always easy.  If you have decided and educated yourself on the breed and how it fits into your lifestyle, the next step is choosing where to get your new puppy.   Here are some tips:

  • Does the breeder do all necessary health testing?  For a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) this should include hip certifications for example
  • Does the breeder actively participate in a venue where they prove their dogs abilities, such as conformation (dog shows), and Schutzhund (the working breed test for the German Shepherd)?
  • How long have they been involved in the breed, and will they explain to you honestly all the ins and outs of owning this breed?
  • Do they want to interview you and see where their new puppy is going to be living?

If you are in Chicago or suburbs, there are some excellent breeders around for German Shepherd puppies.

WE RECOMMEND:  Von Isengard Kennel, located in Lake Zurich IL, an excellent place to start your search.  Von Isengard is a small, exclusive breeding program centered around handler-owned and trained dogs from West German bloodlines.  Their goal in breeding is healthy dogs with high workability, longevity, and excellent structure.  Because the Von Isengard Shepherds are owned by a professional dog trainer, this breeder is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of behavior and training.  A good breeder will offer you lifetime support and advice on your new puppy.  The dogs they breed are not only tested for health and temperament, but are titled in Schutzhund and rated on their proper structure in conformation.  If you are seeking an adult,Von Isengard may also be able to help you find an adoptable German Shepherd adult near Chicago or suburbs.

For more information on German Shepherd puppies

Visit their website at


  1. The true GERMAN Shepherd is a working bred dog, they need a job to do!  Is this conducive to your lifestyle?  German Shepherds can excel at working dog activities like Schutzhund, personal protection, agility, police k9, herding, search and rescue, detection, tracking, and more
  2. A good breeder can show you proof of their dogs quality with titles and health testing, as well as show you the dogs in person
  3. A good breeder does not breed for profit.  It is very expensive to have top quality dogs and spend the time to train to a high level, compete, and participate in dog shows and events, and after all is said and done, there is not much profit to be made- they do it to better the breed.
  4. DO NOT PRICE SHOP A DOG- this goes for any breed.  It’s a 10-15 year commitment, go for the best possible health and quality you can get– you do get what you pay for.  A well-bred dog will be more trainable, more healthy, and a better companion.  You can get a $500 Shepherd out of the newspaper, but you may have heartache in the end when the dog is not healthy or not mentally stable as an adult.  And never buy from a pet shop or puppy mill.
  5. Sometimes you have to wait for the right dog, you may regret fast decisions.