Tis the season for blowing coats, another way of saying your dog will be shedding.  Spring is coming!  So what are the best options to reduce shedding?

  • Feed a high-quality food
  • Add Omega 3 fatty acids, we sell Salmon oil
  • Regular professional grooming


The proper way to de-shed is to start in the bath tub.  We start with loosening the dead hair with a special rubber brush.  We shampoo your dog twice.  We wash their face with a tearless facial shampoo, scrubbing the entire body and paws.  We use a high-velocity drier that blasts out the dead hair and dries the dog down to the skin. If you give your dog a bath at home, you may notice they seem to shed even more.  This is because the shampooing has loosened all the dead hair, and a high-velocity drier is the best way to blast it out.  Dogs should not air dry, as moisture is trapped against the skin too long.


The Furminator is a brand of de-shedding tool.  It is ONLY for short or medium-haired breeds (Rott, Pug, Boxer, Pit, Terrier…), never for Poodles or curly hair, or it will just rip out the dogs coat.  This process is also known as carding or stripping, it pulls out dead hair, undercoat, and reduces shedding.  Please be careful using this at home because it scratches your dogs skin if too much pressure is used, leading to skin infections.  I have seen clients give their dog bald spots from over-using this tool.  You can only “deshed” to a certain extent, before you begin actually pulling too much of the coat out.   Even if you try this tool on your own head, you will see how it pulls out hair, not just dead hairs.  Properly done, a Furminator tool removes undercoat, and is recommended better than shaving your dog.


If you shave your dog, they will still shed, it will just be shorter hairs.  Many people ask to have Labs, Shepherds, or Golden Retriever shaved.  We can do this if requested, but regular bath and brushing may be an alternative.  If you shave the dog, the coat will not look as nice and takes a long time to come back in.  Your dogs coat keeps them comfortable and protects their skin, we recommend keeping it whenever possible.

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