Chicago dog boot camp

“Does my dog need a boot camp?”

Having your dog professionally trained through board and train or boot camp is often the best first step towards reaching your goal of a well behaved dog.  This is because a skilled trainer will get results because they are consistent, laying a solid foundation for obedience and teaching focus, while working through problem behaviors.  It takes a lot of patience and work to train a dog, as well as a lot of repetition in new environments.  The schedule and consistency in the methods of training will really make a difference.  The dogs also enjoy fun and exercise.  A boot camp can build confidence, increase socialization, foster healthy independence, and give your dog lifelong skills.  Intensive training is followed with lessons for you, so you can continue on the right path with your dog after the boot camp.

A training session in progress

You must choose a trainer with a good reputation and good results.  Common sense says you would not just leave your dog with just anyone or someone out of nowhere who calls himself a “trainer” with no references.  You need to do your research and know they are a professional and using positive effective methods.  Dynamic Dogs Inc. has references from veterinarians, rescue groups, and of course happy clients.

Regardless of what the dog “knows” it is important to have control during those times you need it most, such as under distraction.  Training is not accomplished with bribes, but with tapping into the dog’s motivation.   A dog cannot be reasoned with like a child would.  There is a different psychology involved, we can call it Dog Psychology.  A well-trained dog has a better life than an out of control dog with total freedom.  Dog owners have a different definition of what a “well trained dog” is.  Knowing commands is not the only component.  Dogs don’t generalize well, so if you’ve taught certain behaviors in one place, they may need to learn it applies in other places as well.  This is why so many people say “my dogs knows down, but he’s just too distracted right now,” well no, he does not really know it.  He only knows it in certain contexts and when he chooses to.

Often the price of having your dog professionally trained through a boot camp for a few weeks at a training academy is similar to the amount people spend on boarding at a fancy dog hotel!  But training lasts a lifetime and people will be amazed at how well trained your dog is.  Dynamic Dogs Chicago offers unlimited lifetime follow-up for our boot camp clients.

After your dog has gone through basic training, you will then have to learn handling yourself.  The dog knows everything, now you just have to learn the communication.  After having your dog professionally trained, maintenance training will follow in the future, as needed.   It’s not just the dog, it’s the owner.  But no matter what, he will always have a solid foundation of obedience!  It becomes your language between you and the dog.

Some companies offer shorter board and trains. This is often because pet owners miss their dogs, and some people feel 2-4 weeks is going to be emotionally difficult to be away from their pet. We feel a short course is not always advisable. Consider that a traditional obedience class course is 6-8 weeks long. We do not need that long, because we’re doing intensive training, but what can you really accomplish with a dog, for the long-term, in just 5 days?  If you are going to make an investment into training, it is best that you allow us, the trainers, to have the proper time to “finish” the dogs foundation training. A few days is enough time to take some rough edges off, and start several useful behaviors, but is not enough time for training to “stick.” We have been doing this a long time and we know what works, what’s most beneficial to both the dog and owner, and we want you get the best bang for your buck and results that last. We also offer refresher training, for next time your dog boards, and we can work on whatever issues are most important to you.

Here are some things you can accomplish with professional dog training:

  • Ignore distractions and focus on you (right now dog’s environment is more rewarding than you, thats why your dog pulls on walks) be the source of reward
  • Off-Leash Obedience and Control- Imagine trusting your dog enough to give them freedom
  • Understand aggression- causes, triggers, and solutions- Aggressive behavior can be changed or managed
  • Changing “problem” behaviors, whatever they may be; if it bothers you its considered a “problem behavior”.  Then replacing them with desired behaviors
  • Training both WITH AND WITHOUT TREATS, so your dog listens reliably, on your terms.  Treats are a good motivation, so long as reliable behavior is not contingent upon receiving treats.  Motivation is necessary but so is compliance.
  • Teaching calmness and no more hyperactivity.  An untrained dog goes tearing through the house, running circles around you.  After you teach “stay” you dog should do a down-stay whenever you want calmness and quiet.

Intensive training can address behavior problems such as barking, pulling on the leash, nipping, biting, housebreaking problems, manners, growling, and more.  You will continue to work with your dog through the group classes and private lessons and practicing at home.  A professional trainer will coach you to handle your dog and get obedience.  Training continues because dogs are always learning new things and new situations.

All dogs down-stay with distraction














Down time to relax and behave







Field trips to new places like parks, pet shops










Time to play outside!