Chicago Dog Training Clients

Regardless of what the dog “knows” it is important to have control during those times you need it most, such as under distraction.  Training is not accomplished with bribes, but with tapping into the dog’s motivation and developing a true working relationship based on mutual respect.  A dog cannot be reasoned with like a child would.  There is a different psychology involved, we can call it Dog Psychology.  A well-trained dog has a better life than an out of control dog with total freedom.  I have noticed something very interesting.  Dog owners have a different definition of what a “well trained dog” is.  Even training facilities have different definitions of what training is!  We can train for a high-level family companion dog, as well as for the tests in AKC obedience. The key is that we train for your goals.

There is no “one size fits all” for dog training or behavioral modification. Often, a different approach is called for in each situation.  Board and Train, Behavioral Counseling, or Beginner Obedience, Advanced Obedience, it is all customized.  Our philosophy is based on making things clear for the animal and showing them what behaviors we want- setting them up for success. We are often asked “What is the most important command a dog should know?” That is tough to answer, but it’s probably a solid recall. Most people want a dog they can enjoy, and we want dogs who are integrated into the community. You cannot integrate a dog who doesn’t know how to behave. A trained dog who makes good choices on his own will be welcome anywhere, and will set a great example.

We use techniques that are proven to work, and are tailored for each dog, and of course, clearly explained to you, so you can keep up the good behavior at home.


  • Rally obedience
  • Board and Train Bootcamp
  • Obedience for all ages and breeds of dogs
  • Behavior Modification & Problem solving
  • Private Lessons
  • Group Training Classes
  • Puppy Training
  • CGC Test
  • Off-leash Obedience
  • Clicker Training
  • Advanced OB
  • Motivational drive training
  • Marker training
  • Trick Training
  • Service Dogs for multiple disabilities
  • Positive Reinforcement

Behavior Modification and Obedience can address issues such as…


  • Pulling on the leash
  • Sit, heel, down, stay, wait, leave it, come, place
  • Walking nicely on the leash
  • Barking
  • Housebreaking
  • Lunging
  • Growling
  • Chewing
  • Fear of strangers
  • Nervous behavior
  • Humping
  • Rough play
  • Stubborn or low attention span

Having your dog professionally trained through board and train, also known as bootcamp, is often the best option for getting a well behaved dog.  This is because a trainer will get results because they are consistent, laying a solid foundation for obedience. The schedule and consistency in the methods of training will really make a difference.  Of course professional training is followed with lessons for the owner, so you can continue on the right path with your dog.

You must choose a trainer with a good reputation and good results.  Common sense says you would not just leave your dog with just anyone or someone out of nowhere who calls himself a “trainer” with no references.  You need to do your research.  We have references from veterinarians, rescue groups, and of course happy clients.

Often the price of having your dog professionally trained is similar to the amount people spend on boarding at a fancy dog hotel!  But training lasts a lifetime and people will be amazed at how well trained your dog is.  A longer board and train is even more beneficial.

Once your dog is trained, you will then have to learn handling yourself.  The dog knows the obedience, now you just have to learn the communication.  After having your dog professionally trained, maintenance training will follow in the future, as needed.  You have to keep it up!  It’s not just the dog, it’s the owner.  But no matter what, he will always have a solid foundation of obedience.  It becomes your language between you and the dog.