Aggression is a serious matter and very stressful for everyone involved.  Dog owners want to know why their dog is being aggressive.  It’s often complex, with some dogs having multiple types of aggression as well as unique triggers.  It helps to first understand that there are many types of dog aggression.  In this series, we will explain the types of aggression and the various behavior modifications that may be utilized.  For any type of aggressive behavior, professional help from a Chicago trainer behaviorist is required.  The definition of aggression in dogs can include barking, growling, biting, or any attempt to injure or harm.  There are many signs a dog may give that precede aggression.

Types of aggression we will cover in this series:

  • Fear Aggression
  • Territorial Aggression
  • Predatory Aggression
  • Dominance Aggression
  • Possessive Aggression (resource guarding)
  • Food related Aggression
  • Pain-induced Aggression
  • Redirected Aggression
  • Intra-sexual Aggression (male/male or female/female)
  • Punishment-induced Aggression
  • Idiopathic Aggression

We will discuss the various types of aggressive behavior, triggers, precautions, as well as treatments.  Treatments can very depending on the dog.  It does not mean the dog is bad, or even “dangerous,” but it is a natural part of animal behavior.  All dogs need to be taught acceptable ways to behave.