Dog Reactivity, nightmare on a leash



Especially living in the city- this is a huge issue for pet owners. Nobody wants to be “that person” with the crazy looking dog.

You can’t walk your dog because he goes NUTS on the street. You’re in a catch-22 because the less exercise he gets, the worse his behavior will be. You know he is a good dog at heart! He just needs a leader. You may have tried many things that didn’t work, or only helped a little, and you don’t know what to do. The behavior needs to stop now, because the more your dog rehearses it, the more ingrained it becomes.

Your dog is out of control and we can help you fix it. We have trained hundreds of dogs who were dog-aggressive, or just had horrible manners. Most dogs are acting up due to an inability to handle frustration, and their owner not knowing how to handle it. We teach your dog how to behave as a model citizen! And we can do it all within just a few weeks!

If you want effective techniques, and visible results as seen in the video above, give us a call (773) 227-2222

Let the pro’s show you how it’s done! You and your dog will be much happier.


Jennifer Hack,

Training Director, Dynamic Dogs Chicago