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If you are interested in training, please fill out: Training Application for New Clients

Some training program info you should know:

  • We are a small business with one main trainer. Depending on the trainer’s schedule, we may or may not be able to accommodate new training clients at a given time. During busy seasons, it may be a week or more until we can schedule you.
  • Board & Train. There are 4 programs. Our shortest course is 10 days. We also offer two to six week programs, and custom packages.
  • Updates during board and train: You are welcome to ask for updates every 3-4 days, and the trainer will text you an update and photos. If we have any questions we will always contact you immediately.
  • Visits during board and train: Depending on how long your dog is staying, coming in for a lesson can be beneficial. Typically after the 7-day mark is best. Please ask upon drop-off, and we can schedule a visit lesson.
  • Boarding can be booked in advance to fit around your schedule. We do not have set dates for dogs to begin training programs.
  • Private lessons and in-home lessons will have the highest success if you practice in between lessons
  • We will get to know your dog, and train for your goals. Our training is not cookie-cutter. Most people want a dog that is responsive, calm, and happy. The trainer will keep your specifics in mind.
  • Methods: We do not follow a “purely positive” ideology in training. We use practical, effective, and fair methods. We use training collars (including Herm Sprenger training collars), remote distance collars aka E-Collars (only in certain programs). We also use food, toys, play, and praise as motivators. We do not approve of yelling, alpha-rolling, or inhumane treatment. You will be informed of what equipment we recommend prior to training.
  • Following a board and train, contact us if you are having any issues. We want to help you succeed!
  • We are able to provide pick-up and drop-off for boarding if arranged in advance
  • We offer professional grooming

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