Tuition and prices

Evaluations (for new clients)
Phone eval: free
Meet & greet, at my training studio, 20-30 min: free
45-minute evaluation at my training studio: $40
In-home evaluation (1-hr): $95 + travel

Tuition of Boarding School Programs
Boarding and training program costs vary depending on length of time, goals of training, amount of private lessons, follow-up classes, and equipment all included. Prices across the industry also vary based on trainers level of experience and level of results, as well as their reputation and location. These are “training packages.” See full descriptions here

7 day board & refresher training (for any dog who has done a program): includes a private lesson with you: $595

Day Training Programs and Puppy Daycare + Training
Daycare training: $85/day

Private Lessons
New family puppy orientation lesson at my training studio (90 min): $120
Private lessons at my training studio (1-hour): $85-95
House calls or other location (1-hour) : $120+travel fee
House call or other location (90 minutes): $150+travel fee

House call 2-hours: $220 +travel fee
Private lesson 5 training sessions over 5-6 weeks: $425
Private lessons at Rockwell St. park in Logan Square: $90

Full-service Grooming:
$45 and up depending on coat condition and size (short-haired dogs are less, a de-shedding or a full-coated haircut would be more, depending on what you want done. Average Maltese is $70, average Goldendoodle is $95)
Puppy’s first groom: For new puppy
Nail trim or Dremel filing: $15

Play 2 hours + groom (approx. 4-6 hrs total): add +$20

Other Services:
Daycare + Train: $85/day
Late pick-up (after 7pm): $20
Boarding: $48/night for previous training clients
Pick up & drop off  (for grooming, boarding, etc.) $25 each way (plus travel fee depending on distance/time)
Group sessions: $30

Phone consultation: This is meant for dog owners or dog trainers who live far away, or are seeking an opinion, or input on various training issues or behavior problems. You are welcome to send me video of the dogs behavior or obedience to discuss in our appointment. 1 hour phone appt, plus follow-up email $85

Board & Refresher Training
For dogs that have gone through Boarding School, it’s an additional training course. Going out of town? Refresher training is $85-95/day, including all boarding amenities

Overnight Boarding
Regular boarding: $48/night for clients

Payment Options
We accept: Checks, all credit cards, Chase QuickPay, PayPal, and cash payments. For board & train, a deposit is required when booking, and the balance is due upon drop-off. We may offer other payment arrangements on a case-by-case basis

Need a dog expert? We provide lectures and workshops on many topics, including obedience, dog behavior, bite prevention, and fun trick demos for children and adults

Service Dog Training
We train certified disability assistance dogs for physical disabilities and multiple disabilities, as well as some autism therapy dogs. Training time and cost is based on the tasks involved. We occasionally train dogs clients already own, but typically we prefer to select a specific dog for service animal work. A trained service animal starts at $6,000, depending on length of task training. All service animals pass a Public Access Test and are fully task-trained to mitigate disabilities. ***AS OF 2018: WE ARE CURRENTLY HAVE A WAITING LIST FOR SERVICE DOG TRAINING CLIENTS***

Training for rescues (dogs belonging to a shelter or rescue): We have special pricing for dogs belonging to a shelter, foster home, or non-profit rescue group. We have helped get many dogs adopted by giving them the skills they need to be good pets! Shelters typically fund-raise for this, or have sponsors. There should be at least one lesson for either the foster parent, or the adopter. 2-week shelter dog makeover: contact us for quote

Gemeaux (right) and her littermates from D-litter

WHO DO WE SERVE?  Our trainers and behavior specialists work with many varieties of clients in Chicago and suburbs, including:

  • Busy folks who are frustrated with their dogs behavior
  • Veterinarians who recommend our training because they’re happy clients
  • People who have tried many other trainers! We are a cut above.
  • Families who want a well-trained pet that obeys off leash
  • VIP and high-profile clients who trust us to accommodate special needs
  • Those struggling with problematic behaviors
  • Families with newly adopted rescue dogs
  • Families with a new puppy from a breeder
  • Puppy owners who want to start training early