Training Services

The Best Training Programs in Chicago

Boarding School for Dogs aka Bootcamp
All-Inclusive. There are 3 board and trains to choose from. We can also do custom packages for you, with an evaluation.

1. Bootcamp Essentials Program (puppy or adult)
Imagine a dog who walks well on the leash, enjoys learning, and has great manners and obedience. This gives your dog a foundation of good habits, and teaches you how to continue seeing great progress.


  • 2 weeks stay with the trainer
  • Socialization, walks, play groups
  • Training around distractions. 6 commands, on-leash: heel, sit, down, stay, come, place
  • Manners, such as: no pulling, no barking, no jumping on people, improved focus, dog-reactivity, potty training
  • Training equipment: collar and training leash
  • Full grooming for go-home
  • Go-home lesson 1.5hrs
  • 1 private lesson for follow-up
  • Special client rate for future boarding or refresher training
    Requirements: 10 weeks and up, age-appropriate vaccines, no major behavior or aggression issues for 2wk program
    Fee: $1600

2. Advanced Freedom Program ***most popular***

Communicate with your dog from any distance and around any distraction. Imagine a dog who can behave in any situation, always comes back when called, and has great manners both inside the home, and outside in the world.

  • 3 or 4 week stay with the trainer, depending on what the goals and issues are (4 week can be split up into 2 separate stays)
  • Address common behavioral issues, specific to your dog, such as: dog-reactivity, fear, anxiety, barking, jumping, confidence-building, food guarding, over-excitement, greeting new people, chewing, etc.
  • Obedience around heavy distractions. Off-leash skills. 6-8 commands: heel, sit, down, stay, come, place, off, leave-it
  • Field trips to train in real life
  • Training equipment: gentle remote collar (a $200 value), or other training collar
  • Full grooming for go-home
  • Go-home demo and lesson 1.5hrs
  • 2 follow-up private lessons
  • Special client rate for future private lessons
  • Special client rate on future boarding

Requirements: Ages 5 months and up. Behavior issues, if applicable, will be addressed
3 weeks: $2795
4 weeks: $3795 (can be split up into 2 separate boarding stays)

3. Pro-Dog Program ***Total of 6 weeks of training***

Advanced obedience training plus lifetime support.

  • 6 weeks with the trainer (can be split separately into 3 weeks and 3 weeks)
  • Unlimited commands (to be decided prior to training) and behavior modification
  • Visitation lessons included
  • 2 hour go-home lesson
  • 2 foll0w-up lessons
  • House-call in-home lessons available
  • Includes training equipment and full grooming
  • Unlimited lifetime support on anything covered in the board and train
  • Priority boarding (for future)
  • Pick-up and drop-off available
    Requirements: 4 months and up. Behavior issues, if applicable, will be addressed
    Fee: $5200

1 week board & refresher training (for any dog who has done a program): 7 days of boarding and training, includes private lesson at go-home: $595

Day Training Programs and Puppy Daycare + Training

Puppies welcome! Ages 10 weeks and up.
Covers all obedience, housebreaking, socializing, as well as any particulars for your individual dog.

Drop-off Monday through Friday  (4 or 5 days a week) NO DAYCARE WEEKENDS
Hours flexible: Drop-off between 8am-10am, pick up between 4pm-6:30pm, just let us know what works for you

  • 4 weeks (5 days a week): 20 days total, includes training collar and 1 private lesson during week 5: $1900
  • 5 weeks (5 days a week): 25 days total, includes training collar and 1 private lesson during week 6: $2240
    Additional private lessons: $85/lesson

Day training and daycare available by-appointment for any dog who has done training with us! Training daycare is $85/day. See the hours above.

Private Lessons
Lessons are for those who want to learn how to work with their dog with 1 on 1 instruction
House calls or other location (1-hour) : $120+travel fee
House call or other location (90 minutes): $150+travel fee

House call 2-hours: $220 +travel fee
Private lesson first lesson (90 min): $95

Private lessons at my training studio (1-hour): $85
Private lesson 5 training sessions over 5-6 weeks: $425
Private lessons at Rockwell St. park in Logan Square: $90

Other Services:
Full-service Grooming: $40-120 depending on coat condition and size
Nail trim or Dremel filing: $15

Play 2 hours + groom (approx. 4-6 hrs total): add +$25
Daycare + Train: $95/day
Late pick-up (after 7pm): $20
Boarding: $48/night for previous training clients
Pick up & drop off  (for grooming, boarding, etc.) $25 each way (plus travel fee depending on distance/time)
Group sessions: $30

Phone consultation: This is for dog owners or dog trainers who live far away, or are seeking an opinion, or input on various training issues or behavior problems. You are welcome to send video of the dogs behavior or obedience to discuss in the appointment. 1 hour phone appt, plus follow-up email $85

Behavioral Consultations and Problem Solving
We do behavior consults and private lessons by appointment. We also offer in-home consultations if you need a behaviorist. Many of our clients have worked with other trainers in the past, to no avail. We are experienced in dog psychology, and we have dealt with the full spectrum of canine behavior. We have effective solutions garnered from our years of education and experience.

Animal Actors and Talent
We supply animal talent for print, film, tv shows, commercials, and feature films.  We have a wide variety of dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and who perform different tasks and tricks.  Our animal wranglers have experience on film sets and will provide for your production needs. Contact us for a quote.

Trained Dog Sales & Pre-purchase Puppy Selection
Family and home protection K-9s, professionally trained dog sales, and dog selection services. We can help you choose a puppy or rescue dog for your family. We also train and sell emotional support and therapy dogs on a limited basis.

Nutritional Advice
Along with exercise, nutrition is part of the holistic view of your dog, and getting a proper diet is essential. We are educated on commercial pet foods, raw diets, and supplements to help you make the best choice in feeding your pet. We often recommend Orijen and Acana.

Seminars and Workshops
Our certified trainers offer seminars to dog owners, rescue groups, and other professional trainers. Some of the topics we teach on: Advanced obedience, trick dog training, protection training, aggression, behavior problems in dogs, demos for schools and children. We have been hired to consult with industry professionals, including doggie daycares and training schools.