Training Services

The Best Training Programs in Chicago

Training Camp- Boarding School for Dogs
All-Inclusive. There are several board and train course lengths to choose from. We offer a high-level program that will transform your dog!
Your dog stays with the trainers for 10 days or more. This is also known as “dog bootcamp,” and is a great way to start off right. Training courses always include follow-up training because you need to be involved in maintaining behavior at home.
Training Camp is customized to your individual goals and offers the highest level of results. This is the last training program you will ever need!

Behavioral Consultations and Problem Solving
We do behavior consults and private lessons by appointment. We also offer in-home consultations with our behaviorist. Many of our clients have worked with other trainers in the past, to no avail. We are experienced in dog psychology, and we have dealt with the full spectrum of canine behavior. We have effective solutions garnered from our years of education and experience.

Puppy Training
Get your puppy on the fast track to becoming a superstar. We offer special bootcamps for puppies that focus on important companion dog skills and good manners.

Animal Actors and Talent
We supply animal talent for print, film, tv shows, commercials, and feature films.  We have a wide variety of dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and who perform different tasks and tricks.  Our animal wranglers have experience on film sets and will provide for your production needs.

Trained Dog Sales & Service Dog Training
Family and home protection K-9s, professionally trained dog sales, and dog selection services. We also train service dogs for multiple disabilities.

Nutritional Advice
Along with exercise, nutrition is part of the holistic view of your dog, and getting a proper diet is essential. We are educated on commercial pet foods, raw diets, and supplements to help you make the best choice in feeding your pet. We often recommend Orijen and Acana.

Seminars and Workshops
Our certified trainers offer seminars to dog owners, rescue groups, and other professional trainers. Some of the topics we teach on: Advanced obedience, trick dog training, behavior problems in dogs, demos for schools and children. We have been hired to consult with industry professionals, including doggie daycares and training schools.