Here are some of our clients experiences with training their dog, in their own words…


My girlfriend and I took our newly adopted 3-year old American Eskimo mix, Letty for the 2 week board and train with Jen. She was adopted from PAWS Chicago, and had apparently lived a tough life on the street as a stray for a period of time. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, she was quite aggressive towards other dogs on our walks through the neighborhood.  After doing some research on local trainers in the city, we came across Dynamic Dogs. After a quick 30-minute free evaluation with Jennifer, we felt completely confident and looked forward to a positive outcome.

After the two week board and train, she was like a new dog. We were completely shocked at her transformation. Prior to the training, she would lunge at her food and pull on her leash on walks. Now, she is much better behaved overall and walks through the neighborhood with her are not as stressful. We are still working with her on a daily basis, and are much more confident owners. Our family has noticed how well behaved she is as well. It has only been a couple weeks, but Letty has changed for the better and we will be utilizing Dynamic Dogs for all of our little one’s needs in the future!


Sean Coleman and Pauline, Chicago IL


“Thank you Dynamic Dogs for the wonderful work you have done with our dog Sam!! We took Sam to Dynamic Dogs for the board and train obedience. We have always had labs and they are just big and goofy , so when we got Sam our German Shepard we weren’t sure how his temperament was going to be. We knew his role in our home was going to be one of companion and protector, we just didn’t know how to achieve that. My husband contacted Jennifer at Dynamic Dogs and after researching them and visiting their facility, we knew this was the place for us.

…We were so excited to go and see him and find out what kind of progress he had made. I was expecting him to sit and such, but what I didn’t expect was the incredible level of obedience he achieved in such a short time and for such a young dog!
Not only did he obey all the commands he was taught for Jennifer, he obeyed them for me, my husband and our 6 and 8 yr old children! It is so nice to be have a well-mannered dog that is a joy to be around. My husband is continuing in advanced obedience classes with him and will eventually start protection training at Dynamic Dogs with him as well. I can already see what a proud and confident dog he is becoming and am so looking forward to a long and happy life for him!”

Julie K, Plainfield, IL

“Jazmin, a 105 pound mastiff, came to our animal shelter in late December. Prior to being surrendered… she was basically tied to a rope in the back yard for two years. After spending time at our shelter for a couple of weeks, she started exhibiting aggression towards other dogs. She would charge the gate of her kennel… lunge at other dogs in the exercise area. The animal behaviorist/dog trainer that came in to do the re-assessment said she could become a red zone dog and recommended that she be put down. The shelter was going to euthanize her. I did not believe that she was a red zone dog. I thought if she could get out of the shelter environment and get some training, she could become a great companion for a family.

I contacted Dogtown in Utah. They called me back saying they couldn’t take her with her aggression issues but they recommended that I try a dog training/boarding facility. They had done that with numerous Katrina dogs and had had a great deal of success with those dogs… I came to know about Dynamic Dogs of Chicago. I called them, explained the situation and said they would be willing to work with Jazmin.

Long story short, I took her to Dynamic Dogs, and 16 days later Jazmin was a confident, obedience trained mastiff showing no signs of any dog aggression. In fact she was in a pack with two Cane Corsos, a Rottweiler, and had been exposed to numerous other small and large dogs. She was now a dog who felt safe due to her trainers work with her to help build her confidence. When I dropped her off she was afraid, unsure, and insecure. When I picked her back up she was happy, with her head high, her tail wagging and had a very proud demeanor.

The trainers at Dynamic Dogs are responsible for this transformation. They took this dog under their wings and gave Jazmin the training she needed to give her the ability to fly on her own. Jazmin is now in her forever home, with a mom, her son and another mastiff. They are continuing with her training so as to help her keep that confidence and security.

Thanks to the willingness of Dynamic Dogs to work with Jazmin’s fear aggression, she can now have a big life.”

Marty Petersen, Osh Kosh Wisconsin Humane Society


“Last year I took my 3-yr old Labrador on a 10-hour flight in order to take her to work with Dynamic Dogs because her leash aggression issues were out of control.  I did a lot of online research and talked to a few trainers on the phone because what I was looking for was not available in Russia.  She did the month-long board & train and it was a huge success – worth every penny. The dog that I dropped off had major leash aggression and other barrier issues.  She had been attacked by a large dog when she was 1.5 years old and she had never been quite “right in the head” after that.

The dog that I picked up was so exhausted (from all the play) and so obedient that I couldn’t believe the difference.  Plus, she’d lost 10 lbs.  We took her to the vet after picking her up and I was able to get her to sit calmly next to me even though there were other dogs coming in and out.  I’d never her dreamed she would even be able to have so much composure with other stimuli like that around.  Her health has improved since putting her on a gluten free, whole food diet and a low dose of thyroid medicine.  She’s lost another 10 lbs since I picked her up from Dynamic Dogs and she looks like a puppy again.  Honestly, some people who see her ask if she is the same dog because she looks healthier and is more obedient.  Of course she’s still as funny and playful as ever.  We are both looking forward to going back to Dynamic Dogs when we are back in the U.S. again this summer for some follow-up lessons!”

Dana J., Arlington, VA

“Jennifer Hack, the owner of Dynamic Dogs, understands both dogs and people. She can get the best out of pets, and train their owners!!! The dog she is helping me train is the second dog of mine with whom she has worked. The two of us are working together doing some very specialized training. I have worked with other professional trainers before – and no one has been as caring and capable as Jennifer.  I know people always say it, but she IS world renown, and shares her expertise out of the USA as well as in Chicago. Her facility is a model for other places: clean, beautiful and full of happy dogs.”

-Myra S. Chicago IL, service dog client

“We brought our Chocolate Lab, Megan Mae, from Bloomington, Minnesota to Jennifer in hopes she could help her with her fear based aggression. We had tried going to a behaviorist, had her on medication, sent her through obedience class for 5 weeks until she attacked another dog. We were at our wits end not knowing what else to do. When one evening she took after our cat, picking her up by her back and shaking her like a rag doll. We thought we will have to put her to sleep what else could we do?

My son found Dynamic Dogs and within a week we had our Megan Mae in the precious hands of Jennifer.  When we left Megan in the hands of Jennifer that first weekend, We left Chicago with the hope of seeing some progress when we came the next weekend to work with her. When Jennifer brought her out we couldn’t believe what Megan had learned. Each weekend we came back Megan was more obedient, more confident and more in control.

Jennifer was giving back to us our Megan Mae. Megan will always be Megan but now we can take her for walks and approach dogs with confidence. If any correction is needed it’s once and very lightly. It straightens out her thought process and she passes by them watching her master and doesn’t give the other dog a second look.

Jennifer is very professional and worth every penny. It’s the best money and time we have spent for a very long time I would do it again without a thought. We enjoy walking Megan every night and brushing up her skills.

Thank you Jennifer!!! We have you and your business in our prayers. There are many other dogs out there who need
you and your team.

God Bless you and your team,

Virginia, JR, and Walter Erickson, Bloomington Minnesota

“I just finished a walk with our little pup and I am ecstatic!!!  We probably walked 2.5 miles down Milwaukee through Bucktown/Wicker Park and then back across on North and little Mrs Kaylor was a gem!  Didn’t pull at all, when I stopped she automatically sat next to me.  People that stopped to meet her or we stopped next to couldn’t believe she was only 5 months old, she was so well behaved and obedient.  I can’t thank you guys enough for this, was one of the most enjoyable walks I’ve ever had. I also wanted to share she went with me to a big outdoor meeting today at the course where several committee members and board members were present and she did great, wasn’t the running and jumping or anything close to that like she would have been.  The members are excited that she is part of the club and all said look forward to watching her grow.
Thanks again to everyone who put effort into Kaylor.

Best Regards,
Justin V

“I need to tell you how wonderful I feel Dynamic dogs is.  We rescued a dog who was stuck in a cage for 7 months of his life.  We took him home to foster not knowing if he would work but knew he couldn’t stay where he was.  He was very high strung and had aggression toward small dogs.  After a horrible situation with another small dog we were looking for options, because nobody wanted a dog who had nearly killed a small dog.  Dynamic dogs took our pup to work with him.  He was so scared the first night they took him home to settle his nerves.  This was above and beyond what any normal trainer would do.  He worked with them for what seemed like forever but for a few weeks.  When we went to go see him at his “graduation” he was amazing he looked and behaved like a new dog.  I didn’t see his high energy that we saw all day everyday and kept him from listening.  He was very well mannered and listened so well.  Thank you for giving him a new life.”

Caryn B, of FurAngels Animal Sanctuary, Mokena IL

“I took my 3yr old Husky mix, Bomber for the 2 week board and train with Jen and Ben. He is a rescue I’ve had for almost 2 years and he has been unpredictably nervous and aggressive. No matter what training I did with him it was never fully effective. I was always afraid to let others handle or even pet him because I never knew how he would react to new people, but just 5 minutes into the free evaluation, I felt completely at ease when Jen took his lead.
After the two weeks training with the Dynamic Dogs team he was like a new well behaved, socially comfortable version of his former self. EVERYONE has noticed the difference in him. My family was joking that they switched dogs on me. He is focused, he listens, he doesn’t lunge at others and seems so much more relaxed overall. Even people at the veterinary hospital I work at who were once afraid of him now love to hug and pet him and take him for walks in our down time. It’s only been two months but Bomber’s life is completely changed…he doesn’t have to be excluded from fun social outings with friends and family and we don’t have to be nervous if other dogs or new people are going to be around. I do training exercises with him in the park every day and he loves it!”

Danielle Aguire, Chicago IL

I’m posting a review of your dog boarding/training services we took advantage of back in October, 2012. We had our male Lab puppy, Tazer, in the 15 day program. I waited until now to do a review in order to give us plenty of time to see the full effects of the training. I have to say, we are very pleased and impressed with how he is turning out. All the things you had taught him are slowly showing up in different ways. We, especially, love how well he does in a down stay and place. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with him!
We keep meaning to come up for the group training class on Saturday—maybe this weekend we’ll get there.
Eva L., Chicago IL


“When a long business trip came up, I decided to put my shelter dog, Dude,  through Dynamic Dog’s Board and Train.  I had done some previous training and lessons with Dude but wasn’t thrilled with the results.
I definitely got the results I was looking for with Dynamic Dog’s Board and Train.   I got back a dog that had a very solid understanding of the basic commands.  I was especially happy that he didn’t pull when we went for walks.  It’s amazing to me how much fun it is to walk a dog that doesn’t pull or isn’t stopping to sniff every blade of grass.  Before the Board and Train, we would only go for short walks because I just didn’t have the patience for his pulling and constant sniffing.   I’m sure he was a little stressed out too because he didn’t understand what I expected of him.  Now, we take long walks around my neighborhood that are enjoyable for both of us.

Training a dog to understand a new command entails a lot of repetition and can be very tedious.  The biggest benefit of Board and Training, is that they that they do the repetitive, tedious work for you.   You still have to follow-up and reinforce what they have trained the dog, but they have done the hard work. With the Dynamic Dog Board and Train, I get free follow-up lessons which we have fully taken advantage of.   We are now working on more advanced training, tricks and off leash obedience. What I have discovered with dog training is that it never ends.  You have to constantly reinforce and work on what you have learned and also strive for more advanced obedience.    I try to work on our training every day and have done more Board and Training when business trips have come up and we recently started attending the Saturday group lessons.

I truly feel that the training and lessons has strengthened the bond between us and life with Dude just gets better every day.   I get tons of compliments on my well behaved dog and he makes me very proud.

I’d also like to thank Dynamic Dogs for helping us pass the canine therapy dog certification test.  Dude started working with patients at the Rehab Institute of Chicago in January”

-Jerry Kirkpatrick, Chicago IL

“The trainers at Dynamic dogs are phenomenal. They treat each dog as an individual… They do not use harsh training methods unlike most trainers I have used in the past. I had an extremely aggressive Belgian Malinois that other trainers methods made worse. Then I was told that she should be put down because there was no way to control these behaviors. I was told she had “bad genes” and there was no way to correct this.

I found Dynamic Dogs of Chicago. I was very impressed within the first 10 minutes of the initial assessment. They were able to tell my why the dog was showing these behaviors and how to correct this. They were was the first trainers to ever be able to touch my dog. The other trainers, would not even get within 5 feet of my dog. Others would just instruct me on what to do and it was very harsh treatment. Dynamic dogs used no harsh treatment at all. I have seen them turn around many dogs like mine. They are superior when it comes to training “difficult” dogs. I highly recommend using them for any type of training you are looking for. They are in my opinion; the best trainers in the City of Chicago.”

Kim Meloy, New Lenox, IL

My brother and I have 2 American Bulldogs. I got my dog about a month before my brother’s dog arrived. They are from a reputable breeder in Georgia with great bloodlines. I took my dog to puppy kindergarten, but I always afraid that my dog was going to eat one of the other smaller dogs in class. We knew out dogs are going to be huge and we needed to be able to control them. They are great dogs, but when we let them play together, they were a little too rough. They just seemed to always want to get at eachother as soon as they got out of their crates.

So I did some research on the internet for reputable trainers and i came across Dynamic Dogs. Received good reviews…and for very good reason. I met with Jennifer and she was very informative on how the dogs will be trained while at their facility. We signed them both up for the 15 day board/train  and it was definitely money well spent. We had to go in on the 7th day to train with the dogs and it was amazing how they were both well focused. I couldn’t wait to take them home. When the training was finally finished, it was like night and day with our dogs. We never thought that we would ever be able to walk them together without them constantly going at eachother. They are very focused on our walks. They still play a little too rough (in my opinion) but as soon as I grab their collars, their attention comes back to me.

I don’t have anything but praise for Jennifer and her staff. Jennifer had to deal with me calling every couple of days to check on my dogs, but she always seemed to be more than welcome to answer all my questions (I just missed my damn dogs…15 days is a long time). We are very excited about continuing our training with them. You will not go wrong with sending your dogs to this facility.

Ron B. Villa Park, IL

“Dynamic dogs gave our dog a chance when other dog training facilities basically gave up on her. Our dog starting showing signs of dog on dog aggression and some people aggression after being attacked by three different dogs on three separate occasions. We meet with Jennifer and Aliya for an evaluation session. They had our dog sitting right next to another dog who she had previously tried to bite minutes earlier.  Right then I knew this was the place that would give Niko the best chance at getting over her fears and making her a more balanced dog. We signed her up for their board and train program. After week one, we came to the facility to see what she had learned and how she was doing. The progress she had made in one week was amazing and you could really see a difference. Once Niko finish her 3 weeks of boot camp she was a dog full of confidence and obedience. We send Niko to daycare five days a week at DD ,Tuesdays and Thursdays she has training sessions to keep her sharp. We also go every Saturday from 10am to 11:30 am for free group training ( it’s free if you have done a private lesson or boot camp for the life of your dog). I can’t say enough good things about DD from the staff (Jennifer, Aliya, Jorge and Paulino) to the facility. DD has really helped us get Niko to be the best dog she can possibly be.”

Jim Castelli, Chicago IL

Gabe is doing great! …It was money well spent last year to have you train him. About a month after training I no longer had to crate him, no more chewing, no more peeing in the house, his dog aggression towards my other German Shepherd went away. GREAT job in helping Gabe with his issues… thanks for checking in, Jennifer.”

Steve Garcia, Crestwood, IL

I have a 5 year old pit bull, Rex,  who had never been around children and had some aggression with our other dog, a cocker spaniel.  I found out I was pregnant and one of my fears was having to get rid of Rex because he would not be able to be around the baby.  We enrolled him in the 18 day boot camp and could not, and still can not, believe how much it changed him.  He is like a completely different dog.  I am soooo thankful to Dynamic Dogs for helping me and giving me some peace of mind.  THANK YOU!!!  They are the only people I now trust with Rex and whenever we go out of town, we board him there and I don’t even worry at all while we are gone.  I trust them more that I trust my family with him.  =)  Thanks and keep up the good work.

Laurren and Gerardo Campos, Algonquin, IL


“We were at the end of our rope with our dog. This was literally his last chance, or he would have to be returned to PAWS. He had bitten 5 people in the past year! We couldn’t trust him in the park, on the street, or in our house with friends. We walked him with a muzzle. It was horrible and I wrote to Dynamic Dogs in total desperation. We hated to give him up, he was such a sweetheart at home with just us. But he wanted to attack every other person he saw… Our dog has no fear, he doesn’t trust anyone and will get away with whatever you let him. He needed to be taught manners and be handled firmly (but humanely, of course.)… We visited him a week later – he stayed with them and was trained – 2 weeks of doggy boot camp. He was doing ok, certainly better than he was with us. …I can not tell you how AMAZED I am at the change in this dog. He has gone from being a reactive, unpredictable, dangerous animal that I feared having to take out of my house – to a real joy to be outside with. We encountered another dog and his walker today, as we turned a corner. The dog rushed toward us, growling, the owner reacted, but slowly. My dog went forward, I gave him the “heel” command and instinctively stepped back. And he SAT DOWN. That’s all. We were both shocked. He looked up at me as if to say, “wow, look at what I did, mom!”…

I honestly didn’t believe that his instinct to charge and growl and lunge could be changed in only two weeks. But it truly has. Ben and Jennifer have worked wonders with this dog and turned him into a well-mannered pet… I cannot recommend Dynamic Dogs with any more enthusiasm and certainty. They are committed to their work. They are knowledgeable about what they do. They take each dog on a case by case basis and work out the issues at hand. There’s not one exact right way to train all dogs and they take the time to get to know your pet in order to make the training work. I sat and talked with Jen for a long time when we picked our dog up and I can tell you, she is a person who loves what she does. Our dog does everything right now!

Take your dog here before you experience real behavioral problems like ours. They can handle anything, I swear it! I wish we’d gone here 8 months ago and saved our dog a lot of grief – he’s so happy now that he knows how to behave and what we expect him to do.

Dynamic Dogs has changed his life, given him a new life with us. This place is simply the best!”

-Rebekah Ravenscroft-Scott, Chicago IL


“After only 4 lessons Jennifer has worked miracles with my willful 8 month old French Bulldog. She is the best trainer I have worked with and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-Gary Bachman, Chicago IL


“Jennifer trained our 1.5 year old Cane Corso, Mico, over a two week board-and-train. She trained him to heel next to our stroller in addition to basic commands, but the best part was that he was really consistent in his ability to follow each command. We receive compliments constantly on how well-behaved he is. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them.
We recently left Mico with Jennifer to board while we were on vacation, and knowing that he is in good hands is priceless. The drop-off and pick-up times were completely flexible- a huge plus. If we ever board Mico again, we’ll absolutely use Dynamic Dogs”

-Emily N. Chicago, IL

“We have a German Shepherd and she was having issues with dog aggression. Most of time she was fine, then out of nowhere she would snap on other dogs full blown and try to attack them. There was no rhyme or reason to it, not just big or small dogs, she was snarly at random.

We spoke to many trainers and did research before going to Dynamic Dogs on a recommendation. They were confident and experienced with handling these types of issues. We brought her in where they assessed her and we dropped her off for two weeks. We crossed our fingers for the best.

After the first week I had an appointment to see her and do a training lesson. When I arrived, she was already running in the yard with 4 other big dogs including another German Shepherd and 1 small terrier dog. Amazing!!! She listens so well, even off the leash. It’s been amazing and we have our third lesson scheduled for next week the lessons are free. Now we will be going on more walks and last night she played with a couple neighbors dogs in the park without one outburst. We were never told to avoid other dogs. That’s what training is for, we did obedience with dogs around the whole lesson. If you have a snarly dog, these are the trainers that will help. Thank You”

Liz Harris, Chicago IL


“We got a Golden Retriever puppy in May, and we taught our cute little fuzz bear a couple commands, but as she grew, she got more rambunctious so we wanted to do all the basic training. I started my research and met with another trainer who said it would take 3 weeks to train her. He was a little too rough on her just trying to get her to sit and made us worried. It was not just the the money but our kids asking about where their puppy is for that long of 3 weeks, I thought no way!!

Then I heard about Dynamic Dogs on a friend’s recommendation. They said they could do her training within 14 days and for less of a cost, with a full behavior (obedience) guarantee. Their training is gentle and I liked that they don’t rely on requiring you carrying treats for the dog… She listens to us perfectly, including our 3 kids ages 10, 7, and 3. Abby knows “leave it”, very helpful, and always comes quickly when called and sits. Our Golden, as a puppy, puts all the adult dogs in the neighborhood to shame because she listens better than most of them!! They helped show us everything to do with her and gave a lot of advice. Now, anytime we have a question, the trainers are quick to email back or offer to do a free lesson. They are the best and I will recommend them to everyone…”

The Ward family, Chicago, IL

“Diesel is doing awesome and thank you guys so much for everything you have done with him.  The training did surpass our expectations… The biggest change we’ve noticed is he seems happier, calmer, and more willing to please, plus the bad behaviors have ceased.  Now we can take him to family Holiday events without worry.  Thank you for all the help and for treating Diesel as your own during the time you had him.”

Renee Grabowski, Deerfield, IL


“I was looking for a trainer for my Doberman Drago, and I was advised to contact Dynamic Dogs. Their knowledge and attitude far surpassed several other trainers I talked to… went to visit my dog half way between the training and was amazed at the difference… the right choice and use Ben and Jennifer Dynamic Dogs. A+”

Larry Szopinski, Chicago, IL

“Jennifer is passionate about what she does and she’s knowledgeable and helpful to everyone in the dog community. Do not hesitate to reach out to her for help with anything, she will make it happen. Without their “professional help” I don’t know what we would do, probably have grey hair from Max. Now our Shepherd Max is very well trained. The progress been amazing!”

Linda D, Palos Park, IL


“Words cannot express how pleased we are. Dynamic Dogs are the best people to contact, polite and really know their stuff, very very knowledgeable. They are good with competition dogs, protection… or any situation were you need your obedience up to par. I see the improvements in my own skills and my dogs get better with every lesson.”

Christina Torres, Chicago IL