There is a saying:  If you do not give your dog a job, he will become self-employed.  On the same token, if you do not give leadership, your dog will become the leader, making his own decisions– and dogs make lousy leaders.

Untrained dogs get scolded more often and experience confusion. They are confined more and have less freedom. Even something as basic as going out for a walk can be infrequent for an untrained dog.  It is a catch-22, the dog has excess energy which makes his behavior worse, yet he is difficult to walk or take anywhere.  Training gives confidence to the dog and control for the handler.  It gives the whole family an easier life!

Most dogs in shelters were given up for behavioral reasons. When there is no clear leader, and there is no structure or obedience, behavior issues can spiral out of control. Lack of training can lead to bites, injuries, lawsuits, damage to your property, and emotional stress to everyone involved. Worst of all, it can lead to a dog being given up, or euthanized.  Many times it’s not the dogs fault; it is a lack of responsibility and guidance from the owner.