Articles on Training

Housebreaking Instructions for puppies and adults

Exercising Self Control- most problem dog behavior is rooted in a lack of it

Behavior issues in small dogs

Making Veterinary visits less stressful for your dog, by author & veterinarian Dr. Kay, with our trainer Jennifer Hack


Organizations We Support and/or Volunteer for

American Belgian Malinois Club Rescue

The Puppy Mill Project- educating on pet stores and puppy mills

North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue


Articles on Health

Should I neuter my dog, and at what age?

The importance of microchipping your pet

Maintaining a healthy weight

Dog Food Ratings

Why your dog should not eat junk food treats like Beggin Strips or Milk Bones


Articles on dog training methodology

Real Training vs. “Operant Conditioning” by Roger Hild

“Plan B- Kill the Dog” by Roger Hild

Your emotions in dog training

Information on prong collars


Products We Recommend

Kuranda Beds- we use these in teaching “place” and recommend them as an easy to clean, chew-resistant, comfortable raised dog bed, washable double-thick fleece top pads available, follow this link:
Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
Kuranda Dog Beds

Electronic Remote Dog Training Collar- E-Collar Technologies

Jafco Comfortable Muzzles- all sizes

Baskerville Ultra, our favorite treat-friendly basket muzzle Supplies, dog collars, leashes, leads, harnesses, dog muzzles. Dog training equipment for professional K-9 training

Through a Dog’s Ear– Psychoacoustic calming music for dogs, we play this in our kennel – Gear for working dogs and service dogs


Finding and Choosing a Dog search for adoptable pets

How to Pick a Personal Protection Prospect

Why Belgian Malinois are not good “pets”

Dogs for Sale – Find out important information you should know before you buy